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Consider the statistic in the title for a moment.

8/10 millionaires surveyed found their wealth in Real Estate.

What that means is an overwhelming proportion of people wed like to emulate and achieve the results they got, (A million dollars or more) did it trading Real Estate.


But logic tells us that many people own real estate. They all have dealt in Real Estate in one way or another and they are NOT millionaires. They arent even comfortable, sure they have a large asset they are working to pay off, but they are definitely not financially comfortable.

The question bears investigating. What do these millionaires do with real estate that thousands and thousands of people dont?

I can tell you they didnt do what the average family does. They dont buy the family home and toil for a life time to pay it back, then wonder about the next purchase in their twilight years.

Today, there are many investors. So the average family is getting a bit more ambitious. They recognize that toiling for a life time, they will be left with little. Just one home.

So they buy rental properties to ride the inevitable capital gains that will yeild over the next 30 years of ownership.

The idea is to own for example 5 properties plus their home, that they paid 100k for. The loans are interest only so the tennant almost pays for the repayments. That means for a small weekly amount they may lay claim to the capital gains in the future. Say for example in 20 years, the properties appreciate to a higher value, say 500k each.

Now they can sell one property, at 500k pay back the 100k on that house and have left over 400k to pay out the loans on all four properties that remain. Leaving them asset rich. 4 properties at 600k equals 2.4 million dollars. Not bad.

Of course we dont include 20 years of maintenance, insurance, fallow periods when the properties are empty, and a host of other asscociated costs.

Not to mention the life time of toil.

These 8/10 millionaires, do NOT do it this way. They become millionaires rapidly utilizing real estate as their investment vehicle.

But how? What do they do? What did I do?

Im glad you asked. Good Questions.

I….We….control profits, not assets.

The millionaire that made his fortune in Real Estate is common. Its been the same for the last 500 years, even longer I guess if there were records. We could investigate serfdom and royalty and the Magna Carta, but thats beyond the scope of this article, I think I make my point.

You see, YOU can only get what they get, if you use the same weapons, or tools, the edge they have, the advantage.

Its not a closed club. The tools are lying around ready for you to use. There are no secrets either.

If you want to look you will find the tools.


Lets consider the importance of a bit of paper, and those squigly markings called type that mean so very much.


Unorthodox Real Estate deals are a myth. In this society, a man is free to sell you his asset in any manner he chooses to. You are free to make creative offers in any manner you choose to.

The structure that you create for yourself is your own bed. Just because the financial industry creates a mainstream accepted way they want to lend you money, does not mean that you are forced to purchase Real Estate according to this doctrine. Its a commercial doctrine, not “the way its done” manufactured by people, merchants that wish to sell you a commodity…

To say I must first save for a long time, show my dependability at work, show my stability etc. Then I must approach the bank and request that they investigate the stability I manufactured for the purpose of buying a house is THEIR criteria, not yours. Its certainly not the Rapid property millionaires criteria.

You agreed to it and made it your criteria.

Its a free world, you are free to apply yourself for your own best benefit, not anyone elses.

The Real Estate millionaire uses no deposits, nor do they use lending services to buy property. You see, I am not interested in property. Im interested in profits.

Im also interested in ethics.

That is why my secondary concern, just below profits is the people I help. For these are the people that will grant me my fortune, in exchange they get a wonderful house.

I dont want to own property for a long time and hope for capital gains, I want to find, buy, then sell……as fast as possible and move on to the next.

I systemize my activities, so the leverage of numbers accelerates my progress. I dont use any, or not much of my own money, and I certainly dont use lenders.

There are tools to be taken, if you want them. Visit the resource we present below for more information.

My very best to you.

Martin Thomas

Martin Thomas is a professional investor and CEO of



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This Financial Services article was written by Martin Thomson on 8/19/2005

Consider the statistic in the title for a moment.8/10 millionaires surveyed found their wealth in Real Estate.What that means is an overwhelming proportion of people wed like to emulate and achieve t