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Most medical health insurance policies through a reliable insurance provider will cover what is considered basic coverage. If you and your family members are generally in good health, a basic insurance policy will suffice. This is not where the problems arise during the course of time. The problems arise when one is diagnosed with a catastrophic disease.

Catastrophic diseases mean it will cost the insurance provider for long-term care even when you, the insured, have paid the average monthly cost for health insurance over many years and are claim free. Unfortunately, this is where the misunderstanding begins for most families and months are spent fighting with the insurance provider.

Are you eligible for medical health insurance coverage? In most cases, the answer is yes, but this has virtually nothing to do with when a catastrophic illness requiring long-term care strikes. Unless you already have a very expensive and extensive medical health insurance plan, you will probably revert to a government-run care facility.

The one down side to this is you have very little opportunity to gain access to the more advanced modern medical procedures and advanced technology. This means that sadly there are many individuals that though they are receiving adequate health care, they are far removed from having the ability to take advantage of the most modern technological advances in medicine.

Regardless, it is still much better to have some type of low cost health insurance than not to have access to any health insurance.  A few of the government-run health insurance programs for the mass population are:

1.    Medicare, which covers health care to those sixty-five and older and who contributed to Social Security at some point during their lifetime

2.    Medicaid, which is a program for the indigent and low income individuals and families

3.    State Risk Pools, which are the state based health insurance programs for those individuals with unqualified pre-conditions and catastrophic diseases their personal insurance provider does not cover

4.    State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which is a joint effort between the state and federal government to care for children under the age of nineteen

Sadly, this is so hard on families that can barely pay their rent and provide some food on the daily supper table. Medical health insurance of any kind is just out of the question. To be a family experiencing a catastrophic illness only makes it more difficult to have the ability to make sound decisions. When there are children who are ill it can sometimes be unbearable to have to make decisions in the best interest of those children.

This Financial Services article was written by Bernadette Ancog on 3/29/2010

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