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Having just settled in life, you are finding the rentals putting too much of a burden on your finances. Nevertheless, you continue the payments thinking that purchasing a home would be practically impossible. There are many expenses that one has to necessarily make in order to just make a bare subsistence. Though the list differs with each individual as each has a subjective concept of the necessities, it is difficult to accumulate enough savings to pay for a house.

The following characterises most of the first time buyers. However, a surprise awaits them in the form of first time buyer mortgages that accept first time buyers with their inherent characteristics of financial weakness.

It is wrong to believe that first time buyer mortgages are like any other mortgages, and have been so named by lenders to attract attention. A first time buyer mortgage is designed primarily for the people who are buying homes for the first time. The method combines the features of mortgage along with a lower rate of interest. This is known as the discounted rate of interest. Relief from paying at the standard rate for the initial few years makes these mortgages less onerous. Once the discount period ends, the borrower will have to pay at the normal rate that is prevailing in the market, go for the various schemes that lower the interest rate, or opt for a remortgage (this has been explained later).

First time buyer mortgages like the other mortgages are repayable in smaller instalments. Though one can repay the entire amount drawn in one single instance, it will be advisable to spread the payment. The amount thus saved can be used for other purposes. This amount can be used for registration and other documentation that require a hefty payment. The amount can also be used to pay for the furnishings.

However, borrowers may get attractive deals if a certain percentage of the amount is offered as a deposit. Lenders may offer 100% mortgages to those borrowers who are unable to arrange a deposit. Nevertheless, the deals offered to the person offering a deposit will be unmatched. Since the borrowers are offering a part of the mortgage, lenders view this as a favourable aspect. The borrower will be at as much risk as the lender; thus, they will think twice before defaulting on the mortgage. The amount of deposit will differ with lenders, the customs prevailing in a particular region, and of-course the rules related to these mortgages.

Normally 70-80% of the price of the house is offered to the borrowers. The amount to be offered may be calculated according to a lenders policy. The salary or any other source of income is the basis of calculation of amount to be offered. Normally 3.25 times the salary of a person or 2.25 times the salary of couple is offered.

First time buyer mortgages become difficult to be paid after the discount period ends. Instead of paying the increased monthly instalments that charge interest according to the standard variable rate, it will be wise to look for a remortgage. Either the same mortgage provider may be requested to transfer the balance of the original mortgage into a new mortgage, or a new mortgage provider may be contacted. Being competitive, mortgage lenders will vie to have the business of such borrowers. However, many lenders try to prevent this shifting by incorporating clauses to this effect in the mortgage agreement. These are generally listed along with the other terms and conditions and one generally does not give enough consideration to the effect that these can have in future. Therefore, it is advised that one clearly read and get it specified, if necessary, with the lender before putting his sign on such agreements.

First time buyer mortgages come as a ray of hope for many people, for whom buying a home is nothing more than a reverie. Since the monthly instalments in many cases are just equivalent to the rental being paid, borrowers do not consider these as a burden. Besides, the borrower gets the ownership of the home from the very beginning. These have made first time buyer mortgages more popular among the tenants and other homeless people.

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This Financial Services article was written by Agnes Powel on 8/19/2005

Having just settled in life, you are finding the rentals putting too much of a burden on your finances. Nevertheless, you continue the payments thinking that purchasing a home would be practically imp