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: John Mussi

If youre looking for the best home improvement loan for your money it can sometimes seem like an uphill climb. You may not know whether the offer that youve received is the best that you can get, or if you should try to find a better offer elsewhere… but you shouldnt let finding the best home improvement loan stress you out so badly.

Getting the most out of your loan is easier than you might think; you just need to keep a few things in mind to help you to get the best home improvement loan.


When searching for the best home improvement loan, equity is a major factor. If youre not exactly sure what equity is, its the portion of your home or real estate that you actually own… the percentage of the mortgage thats been paid off. If youve paid back 10% of your mortgage, then youll have 10% equity; if you dont have a mortgage or youve already repaid it then youll have 100% equity in your home.

The equity that you have is important in finding the best home improvement loan, since its the value of your home thats acting as collateral for the loan.

The more equity you have, the better chance you have of getting low interest rates and a high loan amount.

Rates fluctuate

Obviously, interest rates play a key part in finding the best home improvement loan. Interest rates will fluctuate on a national level as a way to fight inflation, but they will also vary from bank to bank and finance company to finance company.

This is one of the main reasons that shopping around for a loan can be so important; getting multiple loan quotes for your home improvement or repair project can mean the difference between getting the best home improvement loan with a low interest rate and paying more because you took the first offer you received.

Look for special offers

Sometimes the easiest way to get the best home improvement loan is to simply watch for loan specials that some lenders offer.

It could be an anniversary or customer appreciation day, or perhaps a tactic to draw in new first-time customers; whatever the reason for the special rates, you should at least consider them.

Many specials such as this last for only a short period, such as six months, before reverting to a higher rate… but if you can make payments at a lower rate for that period of time that reduce the total amount you pay at the higher rate, it might be a good idea to give it some serious consideration.

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