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As an educator, a high school counselor and teacher, I found Russ Dalbey’s philosophy of, “Find em’, list em’, and make money,” to be true and a wonderful opportunity for anybody who wants to be successful in the cash flow note business. Considering myself a note-professional rookie, motivated me to become involved in the note business. It wasn’t based entirely on monetary motives, but an opportunity to achieve “Financial Liberty,” the ability to control my own life and schedule. So I watched Russ Dalbey’s late night commercial and ordered The Winning In The Cash Flow Business course. Once I opened the course and started learning the business I quickly became involved with America’s Note Network too.  With Russ’s course, participating in the note business on a part-time basis was easy and I really felt like I had everything I needed to go forward and was convinced this opportunity was valid.

Why do so many people become involved in the cash flow business? I have found the potential to earn a nice income without a lot of great demand on your schedule and time is tremendous. And the other additional reasons are, you can do this business when you are able–where you want, and when you want.

 I have been able to look at many other programs such as Double Payment Systems, Carleton Sheets, The Carlton Sheets Alternative and other on-line gurus, and this is the best program I have found by far. I think that the important thing to remember is to work hard, you have to be invested. You can’t just expect the money to come to you; you have to work for it. It’s funny, when I read review sites and see commercials these days everybody wants to make money doing nothing. If it were that easy, then everyone would be rich.


I recommend checking out Russ Dalbey’s Winning In The Cash Flow Business at as well as Note Network at,
Russ Dalbey Blog, and Dalbey Education Institute

This Financial Services article was written by David Moeller on 5/10/2006