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: Adam Espiritu

The Legal way. How? Affiliates and Ebooks

I hate writing this message because it makes me look like a sellout, but Im not.

I just want to help out my friends and make some money doing it. Also, I am broke as hell! The coffee house only does so much.

There are two ways of making quick and continuous (they keep paying you) money on the net. Refer something (affiliate) or make something from your ideas (e-books)

What are Affiliates? Companies pays for telling others about their products, but only if someone buys something from them. Just check the bottom of any online store or dealer that you like and see if they have a referral or affiliate program. If you cant find a good affiliate program try

Then check out this site

The Secret to A Steady Income Online Without Creating Your Own Product!

Do you need a webpage? No, but it would help. Just get the link and post or send it to your friends. All a webpage does is get you more people to see your site and hopefully more sales and return sales. Dont get a free webpage space. No search engine or business will take you seriously. Spend the $ 9 to get a space.

Discover the Way of the Tortoise and Leave the Rat Race behind.

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Now e-books are just your ideas put into a readable form. They are sold or given away. Most people I know have blogs now or some kind of hobby. It really is easy to get money from your rants or obsessions. Writing an e-book is not hard. Here are a few ways to do it without that much money.

33 Days to Online Profits

Or you could use

How to write and publish your own outrageously profitable ebook… in as little as 7 days!

Since I am a lazy as hell I like this one

“Give me 5 minutes and Ill show you how a lazy person can make more money, work fewer hours and have a lot more fun than any hard worker youll ever meet – Guaranteed!”

Most people I know are struggling to get by or thousands in debt due to student loans or car loans. These links will not make you rich overnight, but they could help with any of those payments. They are helping me right now as you read this message.

You can get up to 50% profit if someone buys these products! Don’t believe me. Just check it out.

Have fun and get money with these links. Email me if you have any question. Thanks


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