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New commercial lending criteria

Over the last few years the UK commercial lending market has become more flexible and open minded about obtaining a business mortgage. Before a large number of applications were rejected due to strict criteria which catered more prime business. But now there are some more forward thinking lenders who have entered the market.

Commercial Loans

Lenders will lend on the following types of businesses or Small and Medium Enterprises, including retail, tourism, care sector, B&B’s, Shops, Pubs, Guest Houses, Farms, Land, Hotels, Industrial Units, Offices, Factories, livery, Restaurants and Take Away’s.

Business lending include services in raising commercial finance, invoice discounting, factoring and improving existing commercial lending deals. Commercial mortgage brokers work with lending underwriters and bank business development managers. The business development managers show advisors directly how to introduce business often resulting in lenders’ being more flexible in their lending discussions and criteria. This can mean previously rejected cases being passed with even a lower rate than first stated. Due to lending volumes.

There are dedicated specialist lenders meaning it possible to now get self certified, show limited paperwork, borrow up to 85% loan to value and have an impaired credit history. Mortgages will be taken on long leases and a short time of trading experience. and

This Marketing article was written by Leon on 1/18/2008

Leon’s experience has covered a diverse set of industries and business sectors. They include engineering, retail, wholesale, property management, IT, construction and financial services (Having been fully qualified and authorised by the governments Financial Service Authority). He has managed to attract government contracts with his business. His background is in leadership, management, marketing, sales, team building and systemising businesses in order to greatly increase their value.