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Some of the best business decisions I’ve ever made probably sound completely crazy to most people. For example, I once fired myself and returned $2,000 to a client, which had me doing the “Happy Dance,” and once I tossed $30,000 worth of information products in the dumpster.


Yes, these were challenging decisions, but I made them because they felt right. The secret to my success isn’t all about business know-how and strategic systems â€" it’s a whole lot deeper than that. I am very tapped into my higher self and I use that for guidance when making decisions about life and business. I try not to focus on what I should be “doing” but how I am “being” in my business. This allows me to fully integrate my spiritual tools into the way I run my business and achieve business peace.


So what happened when I fired myself and tossed $30K of products in the trash? Record profits and renewed passion for my work and life.


The key is integrating your business self with your spiritual soul. Once you accomplish that, you can heal your business on all levels. When your business and spirituality are out of alignment, breakdowns happen, the mess happens, the stress happens and the strife happens. When you are a spiritual being you will always know the truth of any given situation and how to handle it in a way that feels good and teaches you something along the way.


Integrating business and spirit is not about the best strategy or the best system or the best marketing. It’s about the best way to be yourself in your business, the best way to BE in your business. It’s not about doing, it’s about being. And when you are “being,” the doing comes with grace, ease and joy. There is balance and a flow that comes when you are connected to your higher purpose while at the same time connected to source.


The result will be a business where you feel total alignment in all areas: you will have a flow of money, a flow of time and you will want to go to work everyday. When you look at your day and think about what you will do, you will be excited and joyful.  Your business will be your life in the best way possible. But most important is that you will trust yourself and know yourself. You will know how to be yourself in your business and that will yield unimaginable results.


When you blend practical business expertise, systems and strategies with the spiritual strategies you will create business peace. This firmly plants you in knowing that your business IS your mission and you will refuse to settle for anything less than fully expressing it to the world.

This Marketing article was written by Lisa Cherney on 6/26/2010

Lisa Cherney is a Marketing Intuitive and President & Founder of Conscious Marketing. Lisa has helped thousands of business owners tap into their intuition and market their businesses from the ‘Inside Out’. For 15 years she worked at Fortune 500 companies and top advertising agencies.