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To build a successful business, you need networks, strategic alliances that
help advance your cause.  Everyone you know, hear about, meet, and do business with is a prospect for your network.
Chances are you already have a network.  It consists of friends, family, and
resources such as your doctor, dentist, accountant, lawyer, insurance agent,
travel agent, personal trainer, and coworkers.  All your contacts are members
of your network.  They are partners with whom you have enjoyed successful
relationships and they are all potential sources of business.
Use that network to promote your business by telling your contacts that you
are seeking referrals.  Explain why you need their assistance:  you are
starting your own business, require additional staff, would like to add new
equipment, or just are just beginning a new project.
Stress to them what you have to offer, the importance of their help, and that
you are trying to develop mutually beneficial relationships.  Ask for names
of three people you can contact and get permission to use their names.  Ask how you can repay or help them in exchange.  Ask only for the chance to prove yourself because once you do, they will be clamoring to recommend you to everyone they know.

This Marketing article was written by Jill Lublin on 3/3/2005

Jill Lublin is the author of the national best selling book, Guerrilla
Publicity (Adams Media), part of the Jay Levinson Guerrilla Marketing Series. Adams Media will publish her upcoming book, Networking Magic, in 2004. Jill can be reached at (415) 883-5455 or by email: