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Keeping up with what words are in and out isn’t hard.  Yet, with all the other more important things on our to-do list, it doesn’t get remembered easily.

1. Any archaic, stilted words, such as:  hitherto, whereby, thereby, herein, therein, thereof, heretofore.

2. “Kindly advise.”  As opposed to not kindly advising.

3. “Whereas.”  Instead use “where” or “while.”

4. “Pursuant to.”  This is too informal for 2004.  The express expired in the 1980s.

5. “As per your request.”  As per any other way…dah? Shorten to, “as requested” or “as your requested.”

6. “As of today, we are in receipt of” or “we are in receipt of.”  Instead, “Today we received.”
7. “Please don’t hesitate to call.”  Again a term that went out in the 1980s.  Update it with, “feel free to call.”

8. “When time permits.”  This is great language for a poem but not sales information.  The adjective “time” doesn’t have anything to do with permit.  It needs to match people. Only people use time.

9. “Enclosed please find.”  Honestly, I don’t know when this one expired, yet it did, so don’t use it.

10. “Of even date.”  This one I thought went out in the 1950s and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received not one but two sales letter with it included last week.  So, I thought I would put this one for those that missed it back then.

Bonus:  Yet and so — use them conservatively and only for impact.  They are on their way out as well.

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This Marketing article was written by Catherine Franz on 3/29/2005

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