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Google provides several amazing tools you can use to help grow your business. When exploring these tools, many of my clients are surprised at the wealth of free information available. While big companies have market research teams who gather and disseminate data, you can do it all on your own with a little effort. With these tools you can conduct great market research that makes getting clients and creating a successful business a lot easier.
You can use Google to:
”     Discover the words clients are using to describe you when they search for services and products like yours. (Google Keywords Tool)
”     Follow trends so you can understand what YOUR clients are interested in. (Google Trends)
”     Buy targeted traffic actively searching for what you are selling. (Google Adwords)
”     Find speaking engagement opportunities. (Google Alerts)
”     Manage your reputation. (Google Alerts)
”     Stay current on hot topics in your niche. (Google Alerts)
”     Locate groups and organizations where your target market hangs out. (Google Search)
Google Keywords Tool provides excellent insight into the words potential clients are using to describe you and your products and services. It also allows you to see what language your competitors are using and competing for. This is useful because the words your competitors are using are not always what your potential clients are searching for. With Google’s Keyword Tool you can start the keyword research process.
Google Trends will show the popularity of searches over time. Your goal is to find phrases and terms that your target marketing is actively searching. You will be able to identify what is becoming more popular with your target market and what is on its way out. Armed with this understanding of the state of growth in your market, you can cater to your clients’ wants and needs.
Google Adwords allows you to buy targeted traffic. This means you can draw potential clients who are actively searching for products and services like yours and direct them to a specific web page. The key is to make sure you have a way to capture the lead instead of just sending them to the front page of your website.
Google Alerts can help you find speaking engagements, manage your reputation, and stay on top of hot topics in your niche. The service monitors the web and sends you an email alert when there is a match.
Google Search can help you find almost anything. If you use the right search operators, Google’s search makes it easy to locate groups, organizations, information, and just about anything else you can think of.
Watch for my upcoming video series explaining in more detail how to use all these tools.

This Marketing article was written by Jennifer Davey on 11/22/2011

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