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Word of mouth marketing has been and will always continue to be a great way to build a business. Since it is more credible than advertising, it motivates more people to take action.

There are many businesses that have used word of mouth marketing as their primary, sometimes only, way to grow their business. While I would never recommend anyone rely solely on the recommendations of others to generate all their business, it cannot be ignored as a truly incredible marketing tool.

Before the Internet Age, word of mouth recommendations and referrals traveled in person or by phone. However, with websites, emails, e-mail newsletters, chat rooms, etc. word can spread much, much faster.

So, if your business does not already take advantage of the powerful advantage the Internet can give you, don’t delay. Simply developing or improving upon your website can do wonders for your business.

Here’s a tip: More people search the web for information than to buy something initially. So make sure your website is full of information, not just about your company but also full of information your customers will find useful.

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Ask yourself, what can you add to your business to get people to share information about you with others?

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This Marketing article was written by Chris Philippi on 2/11/2005

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