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Setting goals is wonderful; it confirms that we’ve taken those first awkward steps towards attaining what we desire in our lives. The simple fact that you’ve taken the time to plan out what you want to achieve puts you in a distinct class. Amazingly very few people take the time to keep a running list of goals. Sadly, even fewer people actually work their goals. So take the time right now to give yourself a little pat on the back! You deserve it.

You’re part of the elite group of people who have chosen to take an active role in their own success. If the whole idea of goal setting (and goal achieving) is a new one to you, don’t worry; the important thing is that you’ve decided to take the bull by the horns and get started!

Here’s a technique to add substance to the goals you’ve set! Remember, the more real the goal is in your mind, the easier your subconscious mind can get around your desires and jump into action and start helping you realize them!

This technique assumes you’ve already decided on the things you’d like to achieve. If you’re not there yet then take the time to record your goal, dreams and the action steps you believe are necessary to reach them. Be sure to give yourself the room to adjust those items as needed. It’s a journey and one that you should derive enjoyment from. Remember, you’re taking the word chance out of the equation and are taking an active role in the reaching the destinations you set for yourself.

After you’ve listed out your goals and dreams, the next step is to actually visualize yourself reaching your intended goal. It is through visualization that we can actually program ourselves to reach that which we desire.

My friend, it’s one thing for you to say, “I want to start my own company”, and quite another to say, “Through starting my own business I will be increasing my income by X number of dollars each month, while getting more enjoyment out of life. I will do such and such a thing, and my business will serve such and such an industry. To reach this destination I will take action 1, action 2, and action 3, which will put me on the path towards making my goal of starting this business a reality”.

The idea is that you’re rehearsing these events in your mind. You’re giving them vast amounts of power because as the saying goes. That which the mind can conceive, it can achieve. When using visualization with your goals try and do it as vividly as you can. The more real they appear the better.

Another technique is to imagine yourself sitting in a movie theater. See your goals and dreams playing out before you on a large screen. Find a technique that works for you (the key word being what works for you).

Hopefully from the example above you see the difference that a little visualization can play in making our goals more “concrete” in our minds? To say I want to start my own business is one thing, but to identify it and imagine yourself doing this business (and taking the necessary steps to get started) creates an added energy that will propel you towards making it a reality!

Here’s to your success, Josh Hinds

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