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There are so many times things dream of accomplishing, never work out the way we wanted. Sometimes, it seems the object of your desire, your dream, may not realise after all. You will get to a point that you will see the dream as an exercise in futility and you begin to contemplate whether it is worth carrying on. All I have to tell you is that you hold on firmly to your dream because it is surely going to come to pass.

Between the point of conceiving a dream and its realisation, there is always a time frame. The time frame will depend on how BIG your dream is. if you have a small dream, you won’t have any problem in realising it but if the reverse is the case, then you will need to exercise patience. Using myself as an example, I first dreamt of writing a book in 2003, but it never came to pass until this year.

What I want you to know is that in realising your dreams, there will be so many lessons to learn and after mastering those lessons, you may have to adjust your dream. In 2003, I never thought of being on the Internet doing this, but one thing or the other came up along the line and I kept adjusting till I decided to launch my website. if your dream comes to pass immediately after conception, you would have missed lot of opportunities to learn something new and you may not be equally equipped to handle the result on your hand.

So, my friend, see the stage between conception and actualisation of your dream as the time of growing in order to match your dream when it come to pass. For the fact that the dream has being conceived, know that it is too late to give up. No dreamer is celebrated when they give up. Those we celebrate today are those who had a dream and trudge on despite all odd.


I’ll see you when you get there.

This Personal Development article was written by Adebola Oni on 1/19/2006

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