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Why? is the best question. It is not what; not who; not where; not when; not even how; but the question “why?” that is the best source of both wisdom and power.

And this is the part that confuses most people… it is not the answers to the question, but the question itself that provides both power and wisdom. As soon as you begin to ask yourself why, you begin to accumulate both power and wisdom.

Inscribed above the doorway that led to the Oracle of Delphi was the axiom… the first precept of self-mastery… Know Thyself. How do you know thyself? Simply ask why.

Yes, you can learn a lot by asking what, who, where, when and how; but in asking why, you get to the heart of the matter. For example, what you think is critically important; BUT why you think what you think is even more crucial; AND, knowing why you think what you think will give you enormous insight into who you are and how you are creating what you have in life.

Why do you think what you think? What is your intent? Why do you believe in what you believe? Do you have any intent in believing in that? Why do you feel the way you feel? To what end? Why do you do what you do? Why do you have what you have? The answers may provide insight; but it is the asking of the question that provides wisdom. The answers may show potential; but it is the asking of the question that produces personal power. The question really comes down to… what exactly are your intentions?

It is really quite simple. Thoughts, thought; beliefs, believed in; emotions allowed; things done without a clear and purposeful intent will produce unintended results. When you are and act without intentionality, you are simply a creature of event and circumstance. When you bring intentionality to all that you are and all that you do, you become a causal agent and can consciously create the events and circumstances that will provide the ease and abundance you desire.

Without intention, the way things unfold in the universe appear to be confusing and even, perhaps, chaotic. When your intention is applied, the way things unfold in the universe appear to be harmonious and in sync with your own ideals and expectations. It is your intentionality that brings a harmony of thought, word and deed and it is this harmony puts you into the flow of things.

Your intent is the expression of your will. Your will is your personal power. If you allow yourself to hold any thoughts or beliefs or emotions or allow yourself to perform any actions without any specific intention as the primary motivation, then you are not claiming your power and not expressing your will.

When your predominant and repetitive thought patterns are intentionally chosen, when your core beliefs are intentionally and consciously chosen, when your primary emotions or prevailing attitudes are consciously and intentionally chosen, when what you do and what you enact is done on purpose and with purpose, with intentionality, you are powerful indeed.

So pay attention to your intentions.

Always ask yourself… why am I thinking this? Why do I believe this? Why am I doing this? What is my intention? What is the purpose? Yes, the answers will give you new insights and a sense of your potential to make different choices that will produce different results; BUT, more importantly, as soon as you decide to ask yourself why, you will have already become a wiser and more powerful person and you will be on the path toward self-mastery.

The four principle elements of conscious creation are: thought, desire, belief and intent. Self-mastery is attained when one establishes conscious control of all four elements.

This Personal Development article was written by Leslie Fieger on 4/28/2005

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