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So you’ve got a four-year degree from an accredited University (albeit it may have taken more than four years to achieve), and you can’t find a job.  Don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  Some studies have shown that only 60 percent of college graduates find a job fresh out of college.  While it’s not uncommon to be jobless upon receiving your diploma, I’ve got a tip on how to keep the time gap between graduating and finding a job to a minimum – internships!

One of the best ways, if not the best, to get a job right out of college is to internship during your Sophomore, Junior, and/or Senior years of college for a company that is in the industry that you are interested in working. There are limitations to this, of course.  College students change their minds and majors about as often as rain falls.  I, for one, changed my major five times. However, if you know what you’re interested in and what you want to do after college, then do an internship while in college.  In most cases, internships are unpaid (most of mine were, at least).  For that, I have no explanation.  That’s simply the culture of it all.  If you pick a good internship, and it turns out that you’re still interning when you graduate from college, then there’s a very good chance that you can turn that internship into a full-time position.  If that doesn’t happen, then don’t fret.  Not all is lost!  Slap that internship on your resume, and you’ve got extra credibility.  This goes without saying, but don’t forget about the experience you gain while working the internship – second to no college class. I can grant you that!

So to sum it up, although it may seem like a waste of time, money, and gas to work unpaid internships, they can, and usually do, pay off huge dividends for the future.  As a college graduate, I highly recommend working internships.  I wish I had worked more!


This Personal Development article was written by Brooks Wood on 5/5/2006

Brooks Wood is a singer/songwriter from Raleigh, NC with degrees in Marketing and Music from North Carolina State University. He fronts a Raleigh-based band, Brooks Wood Band ( and offers guidance and marketing consulting to other area artists and bands.