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 Car detailing is taken very seriously among car enthusiasts and auto detailers. North Carolina car detailing is offered in multiple regions and varies from detailer to detailer. Located in the Triangle, you can find  multitudes of car detailers, but you’re best detailing experiences will come from a quality detailer like This NC car detailer takes pride in her work and makes sure the customer is completely satisfied before they leave with their car. is run by an individual from her home garage; she takes pride in her work, so a car detail normally takes about 2 days, where the owner picks their freshly detailed car up on the second day. These car details are fairly cheap, compared to most auto detailers, but the work is beyond exceptional and sends its’ customers away with a smile.

This Personal Development article was written by Ashley Spetter on 10/21/2009

Ashley Spetter runs and owns a popular car detailing business based in Durham, NC called OCDetailing. For more information, visit