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The simple action of writing the every day grocery quietly demonstrates how we truly value our lives. Each week, many of us spend 10 to 30 minutes or more writing down the future grocery purchases, clipping coupons and checking advertisements. Unfortunately, sometimes, we forget to bring the list and end up with additional purchases, spending more money than originally anticipated and probably having to return to buy the missed items. All of these actions have not only wasted money, time and energy, but have contributed to increased stress levels as well as negative feelings about ourselves.

Mostly, everyone agrees that a written grocery list has significant value. Yet, how many individuals have a written plan for the rest of their lives that they actively work on a weekly basis? If you have answered no to this question and you believe in the simple weekly action of committing your grocery list to writing, then what you are really saying is that the time to write a grocery list has more value than the time necessary to plan for your future.
Part of the reason for this apparent disconnect is that individuals have been taught how to write a list and even to prioritize, but very few have been taught or trained how to write goals and from these goals create an Action Plan for future success.
Consistent goal setting and goal achievement is a skill. For the most part, this skill is not taught not developed, but many presume that individuals have learned this critical personal and professional skill. Individuals may hear about the need to set goals, but when the time comes to implement a goal achievement plan, their good intentions quickly crumble. Think about all the New Year’s Resolutions and how many were actually achieved?

Now, imagine the added benefits to your life if you could achieve your dreams, desires and goals. How would that make you feel? Would those achievements enhance your own feelings of self-worth and self-esteem? Where would you be right now?

If you believe that your future life has definitely more value than a weekly grocery list, then what actions are you going to choose within the next 24 hours to demonstrate the importance of that belief? Remember, the choice is now yours!
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This Personal Development article was written by Leanne Hoagland Smith on 4/9/2005

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