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Visit a website looking for some great internet marketing information to help with your online business. Find what you require, purchase the book or cd and then the barrage of emails start. And the emails aren’t the useful type&ldots; here’s another tip on internet marketing which will be in the new improved edition coming out in February&ldots; or just thought I would send you this great tip which I have run some stats on and been receiving great results.

Instead, you are bombarded with a steady stream of the newest amazing marketing books on the net that will not only build you business automatically but also keep your wife happy and drive your kids to school in the morning! And it goes on and gets worse with more offers of products and services that will break the bank and make you millions overnight.

So the big question: Why has it become like this?

1. We, the business people have made it so!

There are so many people and small businesses online that are so desperately trying to make money with little or no effort that they are willing to buy anything. And especially any type of marketing product that this promises to be the case.

2. Marketers follow the trend.

Marketers knowing the above now put a lot more emphasis on the money they make in their sales and promotional material as this gets sales.

3. Introduction of the ebook.

Ebooks have made it easy for anyone to publish an online book whether it is good, bad or indifferent.

4. Greed by far is the biggest factor.

Marketers no longer spout about the quality of their work. What they do spout about is the number of copies they sold and how much money they make.

Where real success lies.

For some reason, I have always looked at success in a different manner. When I am old and grey I am certain that I will look back on my life and think about the people I have helped rather than the money I have made.

If at a given time I sold one thousand products and only helped one person achieve their goals I would not call that successful.

If however I can look back at the time I spent in business and say that I honestly tried to really help every person I cam across achieve maximum results I will be happy.

And if that means that I only helped a few thousand properly rather than helping a few and making a mountain of money so be it.

Finding the right marketer.

Although some internet marketing professionals will suit your personality better than others, here are a few guidelines I generally stick to and watch out for.

1. Does the material they sell actually give you step by step information on how to go about achieving results?

I have purchased many books and videos that give general details about marketing a business but never get around to the important information of the exact details of how a task is done.

2. After purchasing, are you then either bombarded with sales pitch type emails, every second email is pitching a new product or every monthly selling more products?

3. The emails that are sent, are the full of decent "how to information" or just plain common marketing knowledge all webmasters know even if having been online for a short period?

4. Does the marketer or company always get back to you with useful answers no matter the degree of difficulty?

In many cases it is the least difficult, most easily answered questions that are replied to in a useful, prompt and non judgmental manner that tells the worth, morals and ethics of a top marketer.

5. Doe the marketer ask for a fair price for their products and services given the quality of what they are offering?

In other words, is that ebook or one piece of software really worth $99, $150 or even $300?

The last piece of advice I would offer is to also take a good hard look at what you are trying to achieve online.

Are you trying to make a quick buck like many of the marketers themselves or build a lasting business that has quality in mind for your own customers?

This Sales and Marketing Series article was written by Chris Taylor on 5/15/2007

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