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Before I get into depth with this article I first want you
to have a good understanding of what a ‘2 Tier’ affiliate
program is and there advantages. Then from there I’ll go on
to explain how you can start recruiting Sub-Affiliate’s by
simply locating the Super-Affiliate’s within your Niche

First… lets define what a ‘2 Tier’ affiliate program is.

A ‘2 Tier’ affiliate program is simply a program that is
designed to work on a 2 tier payment structure. And what I
mean by that is that you’ll get paid on both the 1st
tier(you) and 2nd tier(your sub-affiliates) of the program
you choose to promote.

Now, with that said, let’s go a little deeper into what the
advantages of a ‘2 Tier’ affiliate program are so that
you’ll be able to visualize in your head why these programs
are being considered the most Powerful programs on the Net
and more importantly… how they can put Profits in your
hand, on Auto-Pilot, 24/7/365 with little effort on your

Lets first talk about the advantages and for the purpose of
this article I’m going to give you three of the main ones:

1) – you get paid ‘Higher’ commissions on your 1st tier
     (usually between 25% – 65% depending on the vendor)

2) – you have the ability to ‘Recruit’ sub-affiliates(your
     2nd tier) to promote the program for you

3) – and you can form ‘Joint Ventures’ with other website
     and/or list owners within your specified Niche market

Is the ‘Light-Bulb’ starting to flicker inside your head?

Are you starting to see WHY these programs are so Powerful
and Versatile?

I certainly hope so.

Now that you see the main advantages to these programs your
probably asking yourself… “well, where can I find a
complete listing of these programs so I don’t have to spend
alot of time looking for them on the web?”

Well… it just so happens that I know of a few Top
affiliate directories that have a complete searchable
database full of ‘2 Tier’ affiliate programs in whatever
category you are looking for.

I will list two of the of Top affiliate directories for the
purposes of this article that I use to locate these

 – 2 Tier Affiliate Directory

 – Associate Affiliate Directory

I think these two directories alone will keep you busy.

There are many affiliate directories out there on the WWW,
but these two I find are the most popular and have the best

Now that you have an idea of what ‘2 Tier’ affiliate
programs are, there advantages and where to locate these
programs on the web lets talk about ‘How’ you can start
recruiting some Sub-Affiliate’s within the next 24 hours by
simply locating the Super-Affiliate’s within your Niche
market via the search engines.

In order to do this exercise properly you’re going to need
two Very important webmaster tools. These tools are Free so
you don’t have to worry about paying anything up front or
any monthly subscription fee’s for there use.

The 1st tool you need to get is the ‘Google Toolbar’. This
toolbar is used to gauge a websites PR(Link Popularity)
within the search engines. Generally, a website with a PR
of 5 or higher are the types of websites you want to find
and are where the Super-Affiliate’s usually reside.

Click the link I’ve provided below and install the toolbar.


And the 2nd tool you need to get is the ‘Alexa Toolbar’.
This toolbar is used to gauge a websites overall Traffic
Ranking. You’ll want to find websites with a traffic
ranking of 50,000 or lower. This is where you’ll find the

Click the link I’ve provided below and install the toolbar.


Now that you have those two tools installed on your
computer you Now have the ability to find Super-Affiliate’s
through gauging their websites overall ‘Traffic Ranking’
and ‘Link Popularity’ which brings use to the next step…
“Locating the Super-Affiliates”.

A ‘Super-Affiliate’, just so you know, is simply a
webmaster who has a high traffic website and/or a large
targeted mailing list and has the ability to sell more in a
day then you could in a month.

Generally, and this is just a guideline I use when
contacting these webmasters, I look for websites with at
least a PR of 5 and a Traffic Ranking of 50,000 or less.
This way, if they don’t have a large mailing list they at
least have a high traffic website or Visa-Versa.

This next step is where the fun begins because we’ll be
using search engines to locate the Super-Affiliate’s and
for this exercise lets go to the all famous ‘Google’ search
engine at —

Now… once the page loads simply type in the Keyword or
Keywords or Keyword Phrase that targets your particular
Niche market you are targeting within the search form
Google provides.

For the purpose of this exercise lets use the keywords
‘internet marketing’.

By now you should be looking at a page full of listings
under the Keywords or Keyword Phrase you targeted, which in
this case was ‘internet marketing’.

Now, simply start clicking on the links that you think
might make a good ‘Sub-Affiliate’ to the program you are
recruiting for.

By using the two toolbars you installed earlier you’ll now
be able to identify if this website is a Super-Affiliate by
the websites overall ‘Link Popularity’ and ‘Traffic
Ranking’ by using the guidelines I stated earlier.

If you like the web stats you see and you think they would
make a suitable sub-affiliate to your program all you have
to do from this point is look for the webmasters contact
details listed on their website and send them a propositon
to join your program.

If you can’t find there contact details on there website
you can usually find them by using the ‘Alexa’ toolbar.
Just click on the ‘Alexa’ button in the upper left corner
of your browser. This will bring you to there main page.
You’ll usually find there contact details listed mid-way

And if you’re worried about being accused of ‘Spamming’,
well… you don’t have too simply because your not sending
them an Unsolicited Advertisement, your sending them a
Business Propositon.

There’s a BIG difference.

Before we move on to the last segment of this article I
feel at this point its time to reveal to you a Powerful
tool I’ve been using successfully along with many other
Internet marketer’s that will completely ‘Automate’ all of
the tasks we have done so far through this entire exercise.

The tool I’ve been using along with many others and is
specifically designed to locate Super-Affiliate’s is
called… The Super Affiliate Generator(A.K.A. ‘SAG’).

The reason I didn’t reveal it to you sooner is because I
wanted you to gain some hands on experience using the web
to locate these Super-Affiliate’s.

If you wish to read up more on this Powerful tool simply
click on the link I’ve provided below.


Now lets go on to the Final segment of this article…
‘Joint Ventures’.

‘Joint Ventures’ are simply an collaboration or partnership
undertaken by two or more entities(webmasters) for a mutual
gain, usually profit sharing.

Who make the best JV partners and Why?

Ezine/Newsletter owners make the best JV partners simply
because they have already done all the work and have built
highly targeted mailing lists. Some have Large lists and
some have Small lists. Point being… they’re highly
targeted to whatever Niche market you’re targeting.

How do ‘2 Tier’ affiliate programs work in this kind of

They work just the same as recruiting website owners, but
instead you’re strictly contacting list owners with highly
targeted lists and propositioning them to join your program
for a share of the profits.

Where can you find these Ezine/Newsletter owners?

You can find thousands of them on the WWW through
Ezine/Newsletter directories, but I’ll only list just a few
Top resources to save you the hassle.

 – Ezine Universe

 – Ezine Hub

 – Go-Ezines

 – Netter Web

 – Ezine Search

These directories have large searchable databases full of
thousands of Ezine/Newsletters that target any category you
are looking for to promote your program(s). And these are
only a few of whats available to you on the Net.

Well… there you have it in a nut shell.

I just revealed to you some of the most Powerful marketing
technique’s being used online today by many of the Top
internet marketers and how they are able to build there
Sub-Affiliate army’s and generate loads of Free targeted
traffic to there websites without spending a penny on

And… the best part about this is… you can start doing
the same within the Next 24 hours.

This Web Marketing article was written by Cory Threlfall on 2/14/2005

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