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1. Place all your feeds on the following website and the directories listed on this page –

2. For fast inclusion into yahoo, get yourself a “my yahoo” page – and place your rss feed on that page.

3. Have a link which allows other people to put your rss feed on their own “my yahoo” page. See “my yahoo” for details.

4. For fast inclusion to msn, also open a “my msn” account and add your rss feed to that page.

5. Place your blog on all the major search engines –

6. Join this site and add your blog (free) –

7. Ping your blog after every post at –

8. Place a “blogroll” on your blog using –

9. Make a blog post at least every day or less. Why? – If you don’t think you can write enough content on a daily basis, there are many free articles out there you can use.

10. Invite other editors/writers or webmasters to write on your blog as co-editors. Make sure you allow them to include their “resource box” at the bottom of each post and set up an “about our editors” page.

11. Place a link and description to your blog on all your websites, out going emails and any autoresponder courses you have set up.

12. Announce your blog at forums you currently use/participate in.

13. Place informative responses in the “comments” box of other highly trafficked blogs in your field of business.

14. Once you have 10 to 15 posts on your blog, announce it with a press release.

15. Download this free rss marketing ebook by top Rss expert, ‘ Rok Hrastnik ’ –

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