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1) Gain an idea/keep in touch of what is happening in the Internet Marketing  scene 
(strategies, product, news).

2) Help others as well as yourself to solve a 'how to' problem whenever it crops up.
This applies to the universal law of "Give before you can receive".

3) Promote your product or other products with your affiliate links when you
recommend solutions.

4) Create a sense of trust and bonding among fellow marketers in which real
friendship can be establish over time (a sense of belonging).

5) Share and learn from others through a mutual exchange of experience.

6) Get a word-of-mouth recommendation to a proven product or service from people who
have tried it instead of spending time to analyze various products on the Internet.

7) Give and receive encouragement and motivation to/from fellow marketers.

8) Participate in Joint Ventures to expand your business.

9) Give special offers (discounts, giveaways etc.) that are only available in the

10) Give free products only to members of the forum.

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