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The most important task in the world of marketing with articles is to create relationships with editors.  This is not to say that you need to invite them to dinner or even call them on a regular basis.  You do have to be polite, reliable and submit quality articles.  If possible, engage the editor in conversation via e-mail and let them know to ask you for additional articles when they have a need.  Don’t be one of those authors that drive editors crazy.  If you do, editors are likely to make sure your articles end up in the “delete” folder.  Follow the best practices below and editors will likely put you at the top of their “favorite authors” file:

* Be courteous and use professional language when approaching editors.  Treat editors the way you expect to be treated.

* Using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation is vital.  Experienced editors will throw out an article with even one of these mistakes.

* Format articles properly in a text editor.  Never use a traditional word processing program when writing your articles or your format will be garbled.

* Avoid boring titles and boring text.  Tell a story, add a twist and have some fun while writing.  Editors love receiving something new and exciting.

* Write only about things you know.  You are not an expert on everything.

* Submit only your own original documents.  Don’t copy from someone else.

* Read the guidelines and view archived articles to make sure you follow all the rules.

* Submit on-topic articles only.  Today I wasted time getting rid of articles about diving, nursing and frugal living.  My guidelines clearly state I only accept articles about article submissions!

* Fill out forms completely and include contact information with e-mails. 

* Savvy article writers never submit articles that are thinly disguised sales letters or advertising. 

* Some editors will send you an e-mail when they use your article and some don’t.  Never, never, never bombard an editor and ask when and if your article will be published. 

* Remove editors from your list promptly when asked.  If you continue to submit when told not to then you are in violation of spam laws. 

* Submit only one or two articles per week to your list.  I know writers who submit dozens of articles a week to their list.  This is annoying and can be seen as “spamming” even if you follow all the rules.

Remember that editors are busy people just like you and me.  Don’t waste their time, be professional and let them know you appreciate the opportunity to work with them.  Carefully cultivate your relationship with editors and your article submission efforts will bloom!

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This Web Marketing article was written by Bonnie Jo Davis on 1/3/2006

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