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Content as we know it is the Life-Blood or FUEL, if you will, of the Internet.

That was and still is the Internets sole purpose, except only now it’s commercialized, giving the online entrepreneur the world at their fingers tips.

And the facts are that usually when people first come online it’s not to go purchase something, it’s to look for Information that will answer a question they might have about a particular product they’re interested in and/or to a problem they are dealing with and are searching for a solution.

Ask yourself this, “Why do I go online?”

Does it resemble anything like what I just stated?

Only you can answer that.

These are simply the facts with out a doubt… Period!

Now that you have an idea of WHY people come online, I’m now going to explain to you how you can…

“Explode Your Google Adsense and Affiliate Commissions Through Niche Blog Content Sites”

Did you notice the last two words within the quotations?

That’s right, Content Sites.

What are Content Sites?

I think it’s pretty self explanatory but the basic definition of a Content Site is this – it’s a site that contains targeted content that targets a particular niche or many niches.(niche examples: cars, fitness, hobbies, etc.)

Not quite up to speed on what a blog is, here’s a quick definition of a blog – a blog(A.K.A. Web-Log) is simply a place to go and post your personal thoughts that you can share with your subscribers and/or readership and receive

Now that you know the basic definitions of a Content Site and a Blog lets continue.

Content Sites can contain Hundreds-to-Thousands of pages of keyword rich content, which by the way is exactly what the Search Engines love and will come back for if New content is added on a frequent basis giving the owner of that site lots of opportunity to benefit from the Free traffic inwhich the content pages, or what I like to call Feeder Pages, generate.

So, now that you have an idea of what a Content Site and a Blog is it’s now time to tell you how you can build your own Niche Blog Content Site Empire, no matter what your niche is, using Blogs, Google Adsense and ClickBank affiliate products.

Bare in mind that the steps outlined below are only going to be a summarization of the actual process involved.

So, with that said, here it is.

Step #1. Set up a Blog.

The first step is quite simple. All you have to do is set up a Blog either through… –

or… –

This blog your setting up is going to be the foundation of your Niche Blog Content Site and is where the rest of the pieces of the puzzle are going to be added to once you’ve set it up.

(Quick Tip: Make sure you use your Target Keywords within your URL of your niche blog and in the Title and Description. VERY Important!)

Once you have your niche blog set up move on to Step #2.

Step #2. Adding your Google Adsense code.

Depending on your experience with scripting and html, it’s now time to add your Google Adsense code to your new niche blog in 3 strategic places.

Google allows you to add 3 Google Adsense blocks only to one page, no more than that, so I recommend one at the Top, one in the Right or Left sidebar depending on the template you choose and one at the Bottom of your blog.

By doing this your almost forcing your reader to click on a link within the Google Adsense block, which is of course, is exactly what you want and where your going to make the money.

The other great thing about Google Adsense is the ads are targeted to the content that you post, giving the reader even more reason to click through.

Here’s a few resources for you that will show you how to add the Google Adsense code to your blog using the services I mentioned above if your not sure how to yourself.

Simply follow the instructions and you’ll have Google Adsense installed on your niche blog in no time.

Step #3. Find a related ClickBank product.

Now it’s time to go shopping at – – for a related information product that targets your niche.

Once there click on the link Earn Commissions at the bottom.

This will bring to to their directory where you’ll find many products to choose from that will target any niche your blog is about.

(Quick Tip: The first 10 listed under each category are the TOP converting programs, meaning… their the ones making the most money.)

If you don’t have a nickname you’ll have to sign up for one. It’ll only take you a few minutes.

From there, once you’ve chosen a program to join your going to want to collect all the affiliate materials available, like Articles, Banners, Text Links, etc., because your going to place these on your NEW niche blog site with your affiliate link linked to them so when your reader clicks on them and decides to buy the related information, you get the commission.

Well… there you have it, 3 steps to “Explode Your Google Adsense and Affiliate Commissions Through Niche Blog Content Sites”.

Now the only thing left for you to do is to start building an audience by promoting your Blog.

Here’s a few resources for you to get started with.

Ping-O-Matic –

RSS Top 55 –

Remember this is just a summarized version and is only going to give you the basic steps, so good luck to you and your Niche Blog Content Site Empire.

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