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So you decided to put out a monthly newsletter, because “that’s what smart marketers do.” This is a terrific idea! After all, really good content is the way to your readers’ hearts, and everyone loves to receive presents in the mail (or, email in this case).

At first, it’ll be cake. You’re excited to warm up your audience. You finally have a release for all those ideas crashing around in your head. Woo hoo, articles are tumbling out of you.

With the debut of your newsletter, fans come pouring out of the woodwork. Your clients are enamored with you. Everybody wants to be your new best friend.

“GREAT newsletter, [insert your name here]! I can’t wait for the next edition to arrive in my inbox!”

“Wow, [insert name again]; I learn so much from you. Would you want to be my go-to on an upcoming project?”

Thanks to those 4 little articles, you’re an instant celebrity. Friends are telling friends who are telling friends, about your newsletter. The big question of the day is: “Where do I sign up?”

Roundabout month 3 or 4 is when things start to change. Your relationship with your newsletter has suddenly grown stale. Where you once felt all tingly inside at the thought of that crisp layout and pleasing font…. now, the blank template just seems to be mocking you.

“I dare you to come up with five more articles that are even better than the ones you sent out last time.”

Don’t let your monthly newsletter get the best of you! Truth is, you CAN come up with fresh content for your newsletter EVERY SINGLE MONTH. You can run articles that whet your subscriber’s appetite for new and valuable information. You can keep the momentum flowing as you keep a stream of new contacts pouring in. And the best part is, you don’t even have to write all five articles!

How will you do this? Go straight to the nearest article syndication website.

What’s an article syndication site? It’s the place where articles come in and articles go out. An Article Depot, of sorts. Talented authors stop in and drop off their content in the hope of having it picked up and distributed. Publishers like you breeze in and make a few selections… then feature them in their newsletters. Authors love the free advertising. Readers salivate for the free information. Newsletter publishers enjoy the convenience of a fully-loaded email newsletter that only took 15 minutes to assemble and will keep their readers happy and informed. With article syndication, everybody wins!

OK, so where do you start picking up your first set of articles? Go to They’re my all-time favorite, one-stop article shop, and the place where hot content from real live experts is always pouring in! Choose a topic of interest. Find an article. Click the PUBLISH icon… and your article copy is instantly available, free of charge, in a publishable format that’s easily transferred to your HTML newsletter.

Does this mean that you should stop writing articles for your newsletter? Of course not. If you enjoy writing articles, keep on pumping out those ideas. But then… instead of just sharing with your subscriber list… share with the entire World Wide Web.

Put YOUR articles into syndication on the very same article site where you went hunting for content. Now, other newsletter publishers like you can pick up the article you wrote, and share with their own audiences.

Are you getting a knack for this article syndication stuff? I hope so. There’s an information revolution happening out there. Why not be a part of it? Use article syndication as a way to present a wonderful company newsletter to your trusted clients and associates while growing your subscriber list.

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