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There are a lot of Search Engine myths in existence today.  This is because there are a lot of self appointed experts in the Search Engine optimization field.  Some of the myths that you should be aware of include:

• There is no way to perfectly optimize for every site.
• There are 10,000 different Search Engines in existence.
• Page Rank is dead.
• Make sure that you repeat your keywords 100 times per page.
• The Search Engines do not have time to ban you for poor optimization.
• Make sure that you submit your site to every Search Engine in existence.
• Your site does not have to have content in order to be ranked high.
• Meta tags are extremely important.
• You just need to get more links to your site.
• You do not have to have patience in order to do Search Engine optimization.
• If you have a new site it cannot get listed in the Search Engines.
• You need to have multiple domain names.
• You should resubmit your site to the Search Engines every week or at least every month.

If you find that someone is telling you all of this stuff then you should run away from him or her.  You should never pay any attention to Search Engine myths.  All you should concern yourself with are the techniques that have been proven to increase a web site’s ranking.

Unfortunately a lot of unethical, unprofessional business practices occur in the Search Engine optimization industry.  A lot of this is happening because of inexperienced and unprofessional people working in the industry.  This is unfortunate because then everyone in the Search Engine optimization business gets a bad name. 

It is important that you get the facts.  If you want to have a good Search Engine optimization campaign then you do not want to become a victim of these bad business practices.  Make sure that you do not throw your money away on these practices when investing in good marketing, advertising and content could better spend it.

Now that you are aware of some of the Search Engine myths that exist today you should be able to spend your time and money wisely.  This will truly pay off in the end when you look at how you rank in the Search Engines.

This Search Engines article was written by Chris Taylor on 12/13/2006

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