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With over 300,000 searches a month according to Overture’s search statistics, it has become one of the most popular phrases on the web. “Suggest Link“.

Search engine optimizers have become convinced that joining phrases like “suggest link” with industry or keyword terminology is the best way to find link partners on the web. There are several problems with this method that make it inferior to existing products like “Suggest Link“.

1. Google knows these potential partners rank for the words “suggest link” as well. Google can easily devalue website linking based on their rank for words that identify it as a link-trader.

2. Each site probably uses a unique link system (if using a link system at all!), making it very difficult to manage whether or not they are actually showing your link. Many nefarious webmasters remove your link without you knowing. This isnt the case on sites like

3. You still need unique text and descriptions to prevent Over-Optimization-Penalties. Unless you intend on tracking each and every successful link you build, this can become difficult, if not near to impossible to achieve.

The real answer is a free, professional link building system like It randomizes your anchor text and description, allows 3-way and reciprocal link exchanges, automates that exchange, and even creates custom (both in context and architecture), distinct directories for each participating “donor site”.

These are the kinds of sophisticated technologies once used by the pros but now available free of charge. Of course, you can continue to waste your time trying to find link partners 1-by-1, or you can sign up for “Suggest Link” and be done in no time!

This Web Marketing article was written by Janice Hopkin on 6/5/2006

Janice is a specialist in web marketing and, specifically, search engine optimization. She works with the site Suggest – the web leader in free link exchanges.