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Do you follow any type of sport?

Even if you don’t, you may or may not know that all great athletes and teams have a coach.

If it is an individual they usually have a single coach, if a team they have a coach and an assistant coach.

So what has this got to do with building a business?

How many marketing experts are their online? How many books do you have by a whole stack of different authors? On top of that how many articles by different writers can you ad to this list?

If a football or soccer team had five to ten coaches do you think they would be very successful? The poor players would be so confused by all the different opinions, varying tactics on playing the game and exactly how to win that they would probably never win one single game!

Are you starting to see my point?

Every expert online uses there own individual techniques, systems and types of websites to make profit. One expert might use one web traffic method one way while another uses it completely different.

This then is where the problem lies. If you keep jumping from one piece of advice to the next, to the next and then once again to the next, how successful do you think your online business will be?

So decide on one or two experts and follow their advice to the letter. This will save you a lot of time and money, I can assure you.

The marketers I personally like and follow are (apart from myself ;-))

Michael Campbell – SEO and affiliate marketing.

Michael Green – Ebook production and marketing.

Jay Abraham – Online & off business marketing, business development & creation.

As you can see, I’ve separated authors into different categories or fields depending the project I’m working on at the time, I will follow the advice from just one.

Now if these people or even my own advice is not you "cup of tea" so to speak, the advice still stands. Find a marketer that has material that you like or writes in such a way that you can relate to and follow their advice to the letter. Don’t stray form their advice, don’t finish implementing techniques half way through the course and be consistent in your approach.

This Web Marketing article was written by Chris Taylor on 10/10/2005

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