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Online advertising is exploding. By 2007, online advertising spending is expected to reach over 20 billion. With such growth, a multitude of opportunities have opened up for the online marketer. Unfortunately, not all of these are worth your time or your investment. That’s why I would like to show you some of the untapped advertising hot spots that are currently available to you.

As an online entrepreneur, it’s not enough to have a great website with quality information. You must also position yourself in front of a qualified audience of people who are hungry for what you have to offer.

So, let’s explore 4 of the most lucrative online advertising spots that are currently available to you. They include CPA programs, blog ads, comparison shopping engines, and the ISEDN.

CPA Programs

Cost per action is an online advertising model that is highly undervalued. In this model, you only pay when a qualified visitor converts to a sale, registration, or other action. Because of this, CPA (cost per action) is often much less risky and often more profitable (in terms of ROI) than cost-per-click.

To begin your own CPA marketing campaign, you can choose from a variety of companies. AzoogleAds ( is the top CPA network. Within their network, you can advertise on sites like, Stamps, NetFlix, BlockBuster, and a number of Fortune 500 companies.

You may also choose ClickBooth ( Within the ClickBooth network, you will have access to over 25,000 of the biggest publishers in the industry.

Hydra Network (, another leading advertising network, reaches over 100 million Internet users. Find out how you can tap into this traffic at

Each one of these companies can help you devise a successful CPA campaign that only requires you to pay when you acquire a new customer.


In recent years the popular belief has been that most blog readers are comprised of nerdy teenagers who live in their parent’s basement.

However, this simply isn’t true. Blog readers have quite a lot of buying power. In fact, according to the 2006 blogger reader surveys from BlogAds, 75% of blog readers make more than $45,000 per year. Blog readers are journalists, opinion makers, and powerful online citizens.

The blogosphere is becoming very influential on the Internet. This demographic is a hot spot online that many advertisers are missing out on.

So, how do you tap into this kind of audience? Well, there are a number of options.

One of the most popular blog advertising agencies is With BlogAds, you can sign up to advertise on sites like,,, and

Another great source of blogger advertising is the Creative Weblogging network of blogs. They power 70+ blog sites in categories ranging from personal finance and social entrepreneurship to social networking and Web 2.0. In fact, they have recently joined forces with the Washington Post, which links to some of their blogs on the homepage.

The Creative Weblogging network delivers 5 million page views per month. To find out more about their different advertising options, go to advertising_with_creative_weblogging.php.

Wherever you choose to advertise, please keep blogs in mind. Through blog advertising, you can tap into a very targeted group of individuals.

Comparison Shopping Engines

If you’re selling products online, then one of your main advertising sources should be the comparison shopping engines. Unfortunately, many online sellers do not take advantage of this potential goldmine.

Yahoo! Shopping, Google’s Froogle,, and other comparison sites make it much easier for you to get the online exposure you need to be successful in a very crowded online marketplace. These sites allow you to get listed by all the big names like Best Buy and Circuit City.

One of the biggest benefits of this advertising option is that visitors from comparison shopping engines are buyers. They are there for a reason. They are looking to compare prices, evaluate different companies, and buy their desired products. Because of this, the return on investment from this type of traffic is much higher; a stark contrast from the general search engines which can send you visitors who aren’t truly interested in your products.

Much like traditional search engines, comparison shopping engines position your product based on a number of factors. Some of these include bid price, product price, user rating, relevance, and CTR (click-through rate). Each of the shopping engines has a different ranking algorithm and uses different factors to position your products.

If you would like to start experimenting with this advertising medium, I would suggest you start with Froogle (, which is free. However, don’t underestimate Froogle’s power. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean that it can’t send you lots of qualified visitors when used correctly.

I urge you to start taking advantage of these lucrative advertising spots for your own website. Remember, comparison shopping engines send you buyers, not browsers.

You only pay for performance.


Another untapped marketing hotspot is the ISEDN. This paid inclusion program is a cross between the older paid inclusion models and the current pay-per-click model.

Purchased ads are displayed in a similar manner to the PPC ads shown by Google, but advertisers are charged on a flat fee basis, not on a per click basis. You can buy top 10 exposure across the network for $3 to $4 per month. Your ad will then be shown across a network of 230+ members.

Through the power of the collective community, ISEDN paid inclusion ads are displayed over 150 million times per month. This equates to 150 million potential advertisng opportunities.

For more information on this advertising model visit ISEDN founding member ( 

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