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Copying Content – Still Valuable, or A Thing of The Past?
By: Martin Lemieux

Within the virtual world of the internet, “content” is to “money” in real life. Content is our commodity, it is what people trade all around the world. But is “other people’s content” actually valuable?

There are many specialists out there that believe that content that has been copied is not valuable anymore and may actually penalize your website online for listing such content but I on the other hand beg to differ.

Ezine article directories world wide consistently list the same ol’ content as the other. They all pull into the same pool of authors who ultimately submit the same articles to each directory. My question is this, if copied content is not valuable anymore, why is it that these article directories are some of the most popular websites world wide?

See if you break down the authors article, you start to get clues as to why “copied content” can still be mistaken for original content.

Title & Author Stay The Same, But The Rest Is Not Just Gravy:

One constant is true for all articles submitted by authors: Their “title” and “author” are always the same but everything else tends to change in the process of submitting the article.

See, some article directories ask for a “description” to post online leading to the article. In many cases, I’ve seen authors simply make up their own description as they go which in turn gives the article a unique feel to it.

HTML Formatted Articles Changes The Dynamics Of The Article:

In other cases, some article directories allow for HTML to be posted with the article. When this is allowed, you will usually get a unique article created by the author and edited by the author. For those sites that allow HTML, there are others that don’t allow HTML which in turn depends on the article directory and its own “author guidelines” about a well formatted article. Some article directories allow images, while others do not.

Some article directories have “internal” HTML editors known as “WYSIWYG” editors. These act as an HTML editor which allows the author to personalize their article with bolding text, adding links, etc.

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With All Of These Different Scenarios, Is The Content Still Valuable?

ABSOLUTELY! Beyond and besides the fact that every article directory requires different methods of submitting your article, each article directory is also unique to each other thus providing different content around the article itself.

It’s well known that search engines do pick out and identify your “template” content, vs. your “internal” content but at the same time, your template content is unique and hopefully isn’t 100% copied somewhere else.

In Conclusion:

Although copied content is looked down on, every website out there has some form of copied content somewhere within their site. Whether it be within your menu system, or content. The fact is, you can ultimately change copied content into unique content by changing the dynamics or properties of the content itself.

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This Web Marketing article was written by Martin Lemieux on 12/18/2005