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In this article you will learn how writing an article on the subject you love the most will help you bring more visitors to your site! Not only will your traffic boost but you’ll also be placing yourself as the professional in your field.

Share Your Knowledge! Write It And They Will Come…Are you looking for more visitors to your site? Of course you are!!!

There are so many ways to promote your business. These days it’s hard to decide which methods are best for your business. One thing that holds true to all sites is to write about what your most pationate about! No i’m not talking about writing a sales copy, those articles probably will never be published!

I’m saying that you write about what you do best. See, we all do a couple things in life really good! I’m sure you are really good at what you do and you have learned from experience what is effective and in-effective for your product or service.

So many marketing firms do this, why don’t you???

It’s a known fact that marketing firms usually become professionals at writing online copy. Like so many, they understand that by writing many articles on marketing, they become the professional in the readers eyes! By becoming the professional in your readers eye, they may think highly of you and will want to visit your site to read more and more…

Let’s say for instance your business is “Gidjet x” and you know that there is a site out there that would benefit from having your product listed. Well this site just happens to have a newsletter that sends out a copy every month!

What you want to do is write a helpful tip that you feel the readers of this newsletter will greatly benefit. Once you have writen your article, send an e-mail to the webmaster of the site explaining that you wrote an article that you feel their reader’s will greatly appreciate reading. All that you have to ask is that your “Author Information” remain within the article, just like the one I have at the bottom of this article!

What should I include in the article?

Well honestly, anything but an advertisement!

Where can I add my article???

I’ve compiled a large list of sites which you can submit your articles to, simply send a blank e-mail to

Feel free to add other resources as instructed.

As you will see, it’s a great list for you to get started! What I suggest is that you create a folder in your browser favorites that is deticated to these sites. Everytime you have a new article writen, just simply re-visit these sites and submit your article.

Do you have other sites that will allow submissions?

If you feel I should add some sites to this list please visit my site and contact me!

This Web Marketing article was written by Martin R. Lemieux on 2/14/2005

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