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Take a Job or Make a Job

The reading level for this article is Novice Are you considering being an entrepreneur? Are you considering starting a career? If so, it is good to know the pros and cons of each. The table below will help you learn the...



Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur requires that you are intelligent, focused, and passionate.  As such, most business fail in the first year because the entrepreneur either doesn’t have those qualities, or makes one of the following...


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Raising Funding for Your Business

The reading level for this article is Novice While staying with my brother at his apartment in Queens last week, I had the opportunity to talk to one of his roommates by the name of Mitch. After finishing a dinner of an...

3 Entrepreneurial Business Rules

The reading level for this article is All Levels  There are certain business rules in existence that young, up-and-coming business professionals and entrepreneurs should do their best to abide by. Paying attention to and...

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