If you are a part of the startup bandwagon, then you are in the right place. Startups are doing a lot of good things and many startups have started growing immensely. There are many startup companies that have started from garages and become behemoths in their field. Similarly, there are many startup companies that are on the way to becoming huge, but the first step that needs to be taken is to find a place where you can work. The office space you choose needs to meet your current business needs and take into account the requirements you might have over the next few months at least. The following steps will guide you in finding your company’s first home:

  • The amount of space you require should be calculated beforehand. On average a person needs at least 100 square feet in an open plan area, 125 for a cubicle, and 150 for a private office suite. You can of course choose your own space allocation but however you do it, it’s best to calculate your requirements before you start contacting commercial real estate agents and office space brokers.
  • Most startup owners know where they want their office to be. For example, if you want to be based in London and need a prestigious business address, you will most likely look for space in a high end location such as Mayfair. Whereas creative and technology start-ups in the UK capital would most likely opt for offices in Shoreditch since it and the surrounding areas of Old Street, Angle and Liverpool Street are considered London’s Tech startup hub. So decide on the place where you want your office to be located based on what you bring to the party, what types of businesses you want to be surrounded by and networking with and where your clientele is most likely to be able to easily find you.
  • Always work with a real estate agent of repute. There are many new agents but they may not be able to show you the best office rentals. Finding a reputable agent is easy nowadays. The first thing you need to do is to ask your friends and work colleagues if they know of anyone. If you have a recommendation you can try them out or even still check them out on websites such as LinkedIn and others. These websites contain real testimonials from real people and this will help you take an informed decision. New agents without experience will only make it harder for you to find office space as most commercial real estate owners only deal with agents that have a solid reputation in the area.

Check the reputation of the landlord. If the landlord becomes a pain you will not be able to concentrate on your business. Contact previous tenants and get to know if the landlord is good. When you go into your own office space, you are doing it to build your business and not to take care of annoying problems which the landlord should be doing for you. Also do not forget to bargain. Most businessmen or entrepreneurs love bargains; they love negotiation, so put your negotiating skills to good use and try to get lower rates or extras thrown into the agreement. Rental prices are rarely set in stone and it never hurts to ask for a better deal.