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I am wary of almost real estate courses because I think that a lot of the savvy of real estate investing can be learned by mentoring with a local producer and at your local library reading on the subject.  Ted Thomas holds seminars and publishes courses on tax liens.  Tax lien properties are that are being sold for back taxes.  If you can purchase a property for back taxes, and if you have done your homework prior to buying it, you may succeed in producing a profit.  This is a very risky business.

By doing your homework I mean checking out the owner of the property at the time of sale.  Are they in bankruptcy?  Is there likelihood that they will declare bankruptcy?  Does the IRS have any liens on the property? Are there any creditor liens on the property?  Is the property worth purchasing?  These properties are usually sold as is and you have to have cash at the point of purchase.  So, don’t buy a problem just because you can.

Another thing to consider about tax liens is that the work you will have to do is intensive, so make sure the reward is comparable.  Ted Thomas is willing to teach you all of this and more.  His courses are pretty pricey.  One sells for $1,500 and the other $20,000.  So, tread lightly in here.  I have yet to get any favorable press on Ted Thomas, his seminars, or his courses.   When you don’t hear anything positive about someone, there is reason for caution.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/7/2006

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