App development has become quite profitable with the emergence of several kinds of mobile devices and the all-new mobile operating systems. Until 5 years ago, the app developer had limited options at their disposal, as far as mobile operating systems were concerned. They could choose from only Apple, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. However, thanks to the emergence of numerous novel mobile platforms along with their various versions, app development is quite a lucrative business today. The latest concept of Apps’ cross-platform formatting has made way for app developers to mint money. An app developer can earn reasonably well every month through mobile app development.

Highly Profitable Affair

All the leading app stores like the RIM’s App World, Apple App Store, Nokia Ovi Store, and Google Android Market have literally earned billions of dollars over the past few years, as far as, profits are concerned. Today mobile app development is regarded as one of the most effective and easiest ways of advertising and selling innovative products and services, encouraging social sharing of a variety of information and usually encouraging mobile users to develop and maintain brand loyalty.

The market for mobile app development is extensive and provides wonderful opportunities for app developers and app development companies to achieve success much beyond their expectations only by making a really small investment. Angry Birds is a bright example of a game app that has gained and maintained its huge popularity and fame among the masses. Though there have been numerous other such mobile gaming apps but Angry Birds outshone the rest and emerged as the best-selling app. Get in touch with one of the reliable Android app development companies
for professional solutions.

Make the Most of Mobile Social Sharing

One of the most effective ways of gaining success in the app development world is by creating mobile social apps. This would be encouraging consumers to share information online with their social media friends, with hardly any additional effort by the app developer. In this context, you must understand the mobile services like Twitter and Facebook are the best instances of such apps that seem to be a craze among the present generation of users.

Though creating social apps would not promise great returns but if you combine this with in-app buying, it would be wonderful for app developers to get much more revenue from their mobile app. Moreover, from a social gaming perspective, the app developer could offer the consumers any game’s fully ad-free version at just a nominal fee.

Some games would be making money simply by encouraging consumers to buy enhanced game themes or virtual cash for petty amounts of money. This seems to be a very effective technique but it is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Working Hand in Hand with Mobile Brands & Carriers

Numerous mobile app developers and companies today are entering into partnerships with mobile carriers and brands for releasing their mobile apps with them. This could be a pretty successful situation provided it works out fine just the way intended. However, in this case, the mobile app developer would be getting just a fraction of the earned revenue as he would require giving away a substantial portion of the profits straightaway to the mobile carrier or mobile device brand.


Mobile app development is going through a wonderful phase. Creative and hard-working app developers are doing a booming business. The time is just right for new and amateur app developers to come up and showcase their work in the mobile app marketplace. It is time to grab attention and enjoy the reward and appreciation.