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Money making opportunities are the bake sale of get rich schemes. All the cookies you’re offered vary only by the amount of nuts in the mix. Forgive my lousy attempt at humor, but I’d classify money making opportunities and easy money as one and the same. They are simply ways for you to spend your money, learn little, and contribute to the ever growing wealth of someone else.

Money making opportunities are not a legitimate business opportunity. Most legitimate business opportunities offer you the chance to own a business. Think of franchises when you think business opportunity and you’ll be on track. Money making opportunities by and large are schemes with high turnover and low return on investment. You would do better putting your money in the slots at the local casino, but you get the idea. Money making opportunities are an unqualified gamble.

Anything, regardless of the label, that does not teach you how to run a legitimate online or offline business, or that doesn’t provide ongoing support while giving you decision making power, is not for you.

Before you buy on a gut instinct, ask for a written brochure on the opportunity, references that you can check and a money back guarantee.

I run a well balanced Internet business and seminar company without compromising my integrity, my faith in myself, or the trust of my customers. Creating your own products is easy. You can learn to create, and successfully operate a viable business, while steering clear of all "money making opportunities".


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 9/8/2005

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