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BUSINESS PLAN 101: Lesson 2: Build your business plan on a solid framework

Last time, you learned what information and resources you’d need to call on to prepare your business plan. This issue, you’ll map out your plan.


Beyond the cover page and the table of contents, here’s an outline of the sections you’ll need to include:


Executive Summary

A clear, concise crystallization of your business plan in two to three pages.


Vision and Goals

What you intend to accomplish as a company, along with your long term dreams for your company. Short and long-term objectives.


Company Description

A detailed look at how your company, and your product or service, got to where it is today, and where it’s headed next.


Products and Services

A clear explanation of your product or service, including all aspects of purchasing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution.


Industry Analysis

The nature of your industry, the forces at work, the trends, challenges and growth — and where your company fits in the mix.


Competitive Analysis

An objective review of your competitors and a comparison with your company.


Marketing/Sales Plan

An analysis of the market, and how you will achieve sales.


Management Team

A profile of each member of the team, showing why he or she’s on the team and what he or she will do.


Operational Plan

A description of your equipment, facilities, labor required and operational processes.


Financial Projections

Following accounting standards, a demonstration of the bottom line: Will you become profitable, and if so, when?



Backup documents, support, and the complete information from which your plan has drawn the highlights.





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