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Procrastination – not bad business plans, lack of start-up money, unexpected family growth or poor marketing – is the number one reason why “aspiring entrepreneurs” never end up morphing into “entrepreneurs.”

Bad business plans can always evolve, lack of start-up funding results in full ownership, and children can prove to be a blessing to the entrepreneur simply by ensuring the entrepreneur is awake and productive earlier each morning than his or her competition, and has that much more drive to succeed.

The only thing that procrastination ever evolves into for those who partake is an abundance of time spent daydreaming as to what life would have been like if you had a job that made you feel good about yourself and less worry about personal finances. Eventually procrastination also leads to some form of self-denial regarding the reason your business never got off the ground.

Corporate America accepts procrastination because if they did not, their turnover rates and HR costs would be through the roof.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, start today. Do you have anything better to do in the next 24 hours, other than lay the foundation for achieving what in your heart you know must be taken care of if you wish to be happy? Leverage the procrastination of others into what appears to be out of this world amount management and client service to your clients.

Money and the Aspiring Entrepreneur – Less Reliance on a Paycheck and More Reliance on Business Acumen

Entrepreneurship, in a sense, is an indescribable release from the good old American addiction to biweekly wire transfers. Entrepreneurs must learn to come to terms with the fact that they are their own best ATM. This confidence does not come during day 1, nor day 2, but it does come to those entrepreneurs who put in the time, blood and sweat that are necessary to kick the paycheck habit.

After months of painful paycheck withdrawal, the entrepreneur hardly even thinks about money. The addiction is gone. The entrepreneur then comes back to nostalgically read this article again, but this time he or she somehow comes back wealthier than the boss that accepted his or her resignation with that “Enjoy failure!” smirk.

Entrepreneurs all have different thoughts and philosophies on money and where it fits into their everyday motivations and subsequent work life. I must admit that I possess a very obsessive-compulsive, somewhat self-torturing, arguably immature, though “uniquely mine” philosophy on where money fits into my work life.

Regardless, the methodology that Rockefeller once said is a monetary philosophy that I follow – sometimes immature, but I hate numbers and I take it to an extreme by never looking at my company’s books nor how much money I make.

“I know of nothing more despicable and pathetic than a man who devotes all the hours of the waking day to the making of money for money’s sake. “

John D. Rockefeller

Naive as it may sound, the harder I work, the more I make, which also corresponds to the better I get at my jobs and leads to me to liking my work more and more – possibly the least vicious, somewhat intriguing when analyzed and most lucrative work cycle I have yet to see.

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As an entrepreneur, forget about money. Even though money is an end result of successful entrepreneurship, the latter can not exist if the small business owner doesn’t put the former out of his or her mind for a while.

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