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 1. Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve â€" As a sales representative, it is imperative that you never act desperate or over confident upon making a sale.  Undoubtedly, human emotions that are inherent in all of us make this rule much harder to practice than it is to preach, though there is a direct relationship between emotions shown other than pure professionalism by the sales rep., and the leverage gained by the buyer during pending negotiations.

2. Be Able to Speak as if You’re an Expert â€" Upon sitting with the executives of a prospective client company, as a sales professional, you can either be viewed as “one of the team members” or “one of the many firms trying to make a small commission off of the team members.”  Speaking in terms of persuasion, having the ability to speak the same jargon as a client is just as important as how neat and professional you look.