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1. Don’t recruit your best friend or your brother-in-law simply because you think you’ll get along with them — unless they have actual qualifications and experience to bring to your team


2. Don’t assume that your past success selling insurance will help you develop and market a new consumer product. Promote the success, but make sure you’ve recruited talent who know the new industry.


3. If you’re a one-person shop, don’t promote this as a management philosophy. It’s tough to wear every hat and succeed; show that you’re confident enough and savvy enough to build strengths in areas you’re weak in by recruiting top talent.


4. Bankers and finance agencies are looking for things that give them confidence. Don’t emphasize your skydiving hobby. Instead emphasize how long you’ve been in the community and what active roles you play in the community.


5. While they’re looking for experience, they’re not going to look favorably on that string of five jobs you had over seven years. De-emphasize that period, and focus instead on the periods of stability in you career.

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