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How to Know if You Are In The Right Career

by Kathleen Gage


Ever wonder if you are in the right career? If you are like most people you have. Did you know that 80% of people are currently misemployed? They are either underemployed, not happy with their current position or not fairly compensated for their skill and/or function set. If so many people are misemployed, why do they stay in their current situation? Why do they not take the necessary steps to move into something that will be fulfilling and something they can look forward to doing every day – a situation they can truly be proud of?


The following are some of the most common reasons:

·        Complacency

·        Fear of the unknown

·        Fear of change

·        Not knowing what their options are

·        Don’t want to give up the familiar, no matter how uncomfortable the familiar is

·        Staying within their comfort zone

·        No time to search for something new

·        They just don’t know how to make a change

·        Fear of failure

·        Fear of success (they may actually get what they dreamed of)

·        They fear the job search is more frustrating than their current unsatisfactory job

·        Not knowing where to begin


How often have we heard others give these reasons for not moving out of an unpleasant situation? How often have we said this to ourselves if we are actually misemployed? Imagine looking back over your life and saying, "I wish I would have done it differently."


So often in life, it is not what we do that we regret, rather what we don’t do that we regret the most. Things like not making a change when we knew a change was in order, or not taking the appropriate steps to move into a situation that would lend itself to a more fulfilling life both personally and professionally.


If you or anyone you know are looking to make a career change, the following steps will help to make a smoother transition and find the courage to make that shift:


1.      Evaluate your current situation

2.      Decide you are ready to change

3.      Give yourself a timeframe for making the change

4.      Get excited about the change

5.      Become enlightened about your own values and realize you are worth a great situation

6.      Decide what kind of career would truly make you happy

7.      Determine what would bring you fulfillment

8.      Believe you deserve it

9.      Be willing to put time and effort into you transition

10. Have a plan of action

11. Take action on a daily basis

12. Consult with people who have been successful in their own career shift

13. Be willing to invest in yourself

14. Work with a coach to keep you motivated

15. Go after what you want


Most of all – be willing to acknowledge that life is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing. When you look back over your life are you going to wish you had it to do all over and you had taken risks to move you into situation that would bring a deep level of satisfaction to you and your loved ones? The reality is that when we are in a career that brings us a deep sense of satisfaction, all those around us benefit from the fact that we are more fully present in life rather than constantly talking about wishing things would change. The truly successful people in life are the ones who are willing to create their happiness on a daily basis with the minute-by-minute actions they take and the thoughts they entertain.




This Business article was written by Kathleen Gage on 6/8/2005

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