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 So now that you are starting up your business, you might be considering buying affordable small business health insurance rates for your employees.  Or maybe you shouldn’t.  There are two sides to this coin and it is important to understand what is being gained and lost.
Many of us are very used to acquiring health insurance through our employers.  In fact, there are a large number of Americans who, when they do not have health insurance, do not know where to look for it.  Small businesses can also offer a much better deal on health insurance than individuals purchasing health insurance on their own can, due to the combination of tax deductibility, and corporate wealth.
However, it is important to understand the true cost of the health insurance on the employee’s end.  For the most part, health insurance premiums of your average office job actually cost the equivalent of several hundreds of dollars per month for each employee.  Very few of these employees actually continue their coverage when, after losing their jobs, they find the cost to continue their “affordable” small business health insurance rates is five hundred dollars or more (and that’s usually on the cheaper end).  While the health insurance deal seems excellent to many employees, what they don’t see is the amount of money that they could be making were they to simply choose their own health care.
Regardless, whether you are an individual looking for temporary coverage or an entrepreneur searching for affordable small business health insurance rates, you will have the most luck checking out quotes at  It is very highly rated and offers a number of options across all areas.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 3/24/2010