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Cyril Paciullo has created a stir among the online communities with his recent addition to Windows Live Messenger, or MSN. This is an instant messaging tool that is used by nearly 18 million people in Britain alone. The software that Cyril Paciullo, or Patchou’s software add dozens of other features on the program such as sounds, colors, and the ability to manage your own programs. 

Through this Cyril Paciullo has created a stir in the technology realm as thousands of young developers sing his praises. Supporters of Cyril proclaim that his software is brilliant as it has provided a service for free to millions of people. There are his opponents, however, that have questioned the development of the programs. One thing is for certain for Cyril Paciullo, however, is that this bright programmer has quite a future ahead of him in the realm of technology. 

Thousands of programs are created and put online every day. Unfortunately, a majority of them are never ‘finished’, never polished. If you do something, do it well,” – Cyril Paciullo

This Business article was written by Cameron Almony on 10/12/2009

Cameron Almony was a 2008 graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with degrees in Public Policy and Economics.