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 Now that you have discovered that your car needs to be detailed, when is the best time and how often should it be detailed? These are excellent questions that not many people know the answer to and are afraid to ask. The number one best time to detail your car is the week you buy it; your car is currently looking it’s best and if you want to preserve the beauty, you should take your car to a detailer for some recommended detail work to keep the luster in your paint.

	If you've had your car for some time now, you should get your car detailed once  every 4 months to keep your car's exterior in tip-top shape. Every 4 months seems  so foolish, why should I spend my money on a detail every 4 months? Well there  are many reasons. First off, Spring is a time for pollen and insects to flourish  and coming out of winter, you may have road salt on the paint of your car. These  simple everyday issues prove hazardous to your paint and can cause permanent damage.  Secondly, most waxes have a 3-4 month longevity and once your wax wears off, the  elements beat down on your car's paint rather than the wax. Thirdly, if you take  your car through free car washes or automated car washes, you are inflicted some  damage to your paint whether you know it or not. Towels and car wash brushes put  minor scratches, known as swirls, into your paint and most people believe swirls  are actually part of the paint job because they are so common in today's cars.
	If you live in the Triangle in North Carolina, is a great place  for you to get your car detailed. The business is run by a quality detailer that  ensures your car leaves looking it's absolute best. 

This Personal Development article was written by Ashley Spetter on 10/13/2009

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