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Do you often gain weight in the winter or crave heavier foods?  If so, that is completely natural.  Winter is a building season and we are actually meant to eat more protein and fat during the winter.  I know that I usually gain a little weight during the colder months and by spring I’m ready to make a change in my body.

Spring is naturally a cleansing and fat-burning season.  If we eat what the spring harvest naturally provides, we will naturally eat a lower fat and lower calorie diet. This allows our body to get rid of excess weight we might have put on in the winter. Toxins from the environment and the food we consume are stored in fat, so when we release fat we are also able to release toxins. 

Now, what do I mean by a “spring cleanse”?
A cleanse is a short period of time when we intentionally alter our diet in order to allow the organs responsible to cleansing (liver, kidney, gallbladder) to do their job.  By giving these organs a “break,” they are able to flush out more toxins.
What are the benefits of cleansing?
Many people find that they lose weight during a cleanse and feel more energetic. Cleansing can clear up headaches, acne, and allergies. I have also found it to be a great way to transition my diet from heavier foods, to lighter more cleansing foods.  Cleansing has also helped me break free of eating habits that aren’t supporting me – like eating too much sugar, caffeine, or processed foods.

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This Personal Development article was written by Amy Lippmann on 4/14/2008

Amy Lippmann is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with a private health and lifestyle coaching practice. She works with women who are tired of continuously feeling bad about their health and struggle with feeling good in their body, energy level, cravings, and would like to figure out how to be healthy and take good care of themselves.

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