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I grew up in Miami and every December my husband Steve and I go to Miami to visit my parents for a few days.  My parents are big “foodies.”  They love good food and love treating us to nice meals out when we’re with them.  I also love good food and eating at nice restaurants, but I find that when I eat several meals out in a row that I don’t enjoy it as much.  Each meal out no longer feels special. Sometimes less is more, know what I mean?
Last December I did an experiment.  Rather than going out to eat every night that we were in Miami, I decided I would do some cooking.  I was on vacation and didn’t have much to do, so cooking was fun and relaxing.  I was able to try some new recipes and give my mom a break from cooking dinner every night.  The best part? My family loved all the yummy food I cooked!  It didn’t feel like a sacrifice to stay in for dinner.  It was fun and delicious.

In about a week Steve and I leave for Miami where we’ll be enjoying a 2-week vacation.  I am sure this vacation will include some decadent meals out – especially since we will be celebrating my birthday and our second anniversary. I am looking forward to these special meals, but I am also looking forward to continuing this new tradition of enjoying some special meals at home.  (I think my parents are also looking forward to this!)

I have also set an intention that I will continue to exercise while on vacation.  I don’t have a gym membership in Miami, but that won’t get in my way.  I’ll walk and jog outside, go to my parents gym where I can pay a small fee for each visit and use the weights or take a spinning class, and perhaps check out a local yoga or pilates studio.

Now you might be thinking this sounds like a sacrifice.  Why would I want to cook and exercise on my vacation?  I don’t see it as a sacrifice at all.  Rather, I am making decisions to do things that are going to make me feel great – without feeling deprived. My goal isn’t to achieve some sort of unattainable perfection over the holidays, but to have a balance.  And I know from past experience that this will keep my mood and my energy will balanced so I can having an amazing vacation. 

What small steps can you take to achieve a balance during the holidays?  The things that will make you feel great may be different than the things that make me feel great.  Maybe you will eat more mindfully, make a healthier version of a holiday dish, or try a new outdoor activity. Take a minute to think about it.

What’s your intention for the holidays? I’d love to hear from you.  Email your questions and comments to me at or contact me to schedule a complimentary one-hour nutrition and health consultation.

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This Personal Development article was written by Amy Lippmann on 4/18/2008

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