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There are many business financing options that are offered by Bank of America, business credit cards being one of the most common forms available. Here I’ll break down their most popular cards so that you can compare and contrast them.

The most popular Bank of America business credit cards available are rewards cards, which include the WorldPoints Rewards for Business card and the Cash Rewards for Business card, both of which are offered through Visa. Both are ideal for business owners who want better control over business expenses, and they are offered with no annual fee. Both have a 0% intro APR on purchases, and offer an array of rewards. The Cash Rewards card offers 3% cashback on a number of specific retail services and 1% cashback on general services, while the WorldPoints rewards card offers a number of select rewards through their own store which are accumulated through retail purchases.

Everyday cards, such as the Platinum Visa and Platinum Plus Mastercards, do not offer the same rewards as the rewards cards, however they do come with the same deal of no annual fee, and carry a lower interest rate. These cards may be a bit less flashy than the rewards cards, but they are very useful for employers who want cards available with little extra cost for their employees.

Airline cards are for frequent fliers. Their rewards exist in the form of “miles,” which are units of credit built by the credit card agencies that can be redeemed not only for flights, but also for retail purchases offer through their store. These cards are extremely helpful for individuals that like to travel, but it should also be noted that they carry very high interest rates, and have annual fees of about $75.

There are also a few specialty credit cards that are offered through Bank of America. Business credit cards like the NFIB Business Mastercard, which offers a number of awards and allows you to contribute to the NFIB. With all of these options it is very easy to find a Bank of America business credit card that is right for you, simply log onto and apply today!

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 11/26/2009