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Business owners are always looking for inexpensive and effective ways to advertise their businesses. Almost every business owner has business cards printed up that are handed out to potential customers and clients. These are certainly effective, but they are commonly discarded or lost or even put inside a wallet or purse and forgotten about. A possible solution to this problem is business card magnets.

The business card magnets are similar to regular business cards with information about the business on one side and a magnet on the other side. These are perfect to be attached to metal objects where they won’t be lost or easily forgotten about. Many companies in the service industries have found these to be very effective. They have also found that large numbers of these cards can be purchased at good prices.

For example, plumbers and other companies offering home repairs often give these business card magnets out to homeowners in the areas where they operate. The homeowner will often use these cards as refrigerator magnets to hold notes or photographs. This means that the card is kept indefinitely and the homeowner will probably see it on a daily basis. When the services such as plumbing or needed it is much easier for the customer to just call the number on the card rather then trying to find a listing in the phone book or on the Internet.

The use of business card magnets is also increasing with businesses that supply products or services to other businesses. For example, a business that sells office supplies or does computer repairs can give these to business owners where they will often be attached to a desk or file cabinet where they are always accessible.

This Business article was written by Ty Wu on 11/28/2007

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