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There are a number of resources at your disposal if you are looking for information on business insurance, ranging widely and depending on what you want to use the information for.

Netquote is, of course, the most accessible resource on business insurance information. It is a comparative market that allows you to compare business insurance (and many other insurances for that matter) next to each other and provides small amounts of customer satisfaction information as well.

To get more in-depth information, you can take a look at JD Power and Associates. JD Power is a business that conducts consumer report surveys on various industries, and is well-known for their information on the insurance industry. JD Power is a very trusted resource that has stood the test of time and is known to provide quality consumer information.

You may also want to consider your state’s department of insurance, which provides similar details, as well as any pertinent legal history of the insurer in question. This makes an excellent supplement to the information provided by JD Power and allows consumers an excellent degree of useful information.

For proprietors interested in the industry from the administrative point of view, there is Business insurance magazine. Business Insurance Magazine is an online resource for business executives that deal in the acquisition and administration of business insurance industries. It is operated by Crane Communications, Inc and has been in business since October of 1967. Business insurance magazine has a staff of approximately 50 employees operating from locations in the United States and the United Kingdom. For more information on Business Insurance Magazine, please visit

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 11/26/2009