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The Master program is designed to meet the needs of a rapidly-changing financial society in which factors such as globalisation, take-overs, deregulation and technological changes are transforming the sector at high speed. Objectives of BBA program: Provides students with an understanding of the social, economic and political realities which impact the business environment. Establishes conceptual and innovative abilities in the recognition and resolution of organizational problems. Strengthens analytical skills in areas of accounting, finance, economics, marketing, information systems, and management. Enhances interpersonal and communication skills for more effective relationship with staff, teams, peers, and customers. Strengthens self-confidence in problem analysis and decisiveness; and furthers interest in life-long learning and formal education. Orientations: Management, Marketing, Accounting & Controlling. Total number of credits required: 54 credits (540 contact hours plus a total of 1080 study hours) plus a six months master thesis or internship. Length of study : 18 year for the full time program. 1 year of courses and 6 months master thesis or internship. The pogram has to be finished in a max of two & half years.

This Business article was written by Pam Mullen on 4/18/2005

I am doing Master Program (MBA) from B.M.University in Switzerland